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Test Page

Thanks for helping us test the page. If you can spare a little more time, please answer the poll question. Now for the details... Basically Tripod throws one pop up ad for one html page. When I switched over to the new look for the site, I didn't want to use Frames and the Object tag doesn't have a no scrollbar option so I went for Iframes. Iframes works only with Internet Explorer 3 and above (I haven't seen the site on IE3 though, but various documents have stated that IE3 supports it). Other browsers that do not recognize the tag, just ignore it and I have handled them too. So its kinda like using a frame but the frame is embedded in the page. Now the navigation bar and the banner on top are two different page and in all we are reading three pages so Tripod throws 3 pop up windows, while you actually open one page.

Netscape users don't have this problem, I have no idea about AOL browsers and other browsers out there. Anyway, the bottom line is that when you opened this page or if you refresh this page you should only get one pop up ad and you should be able to see the navigation bar on the left and the banner on top as usual. I am asking you to 'test' (what you are doing right now) the page just to make sure your browser is compatible with the page and that it works with different clients, before we go ahead and update the entire site. Its worked fine on my machine (IE 4.0 ver 4.72.3110) and hopefully 99% of the visitors will do ok. If you get more than one pop up ad but the navigation bar and the banner appear as usual, its quite ok, we are back to square one. But if either the banner or the navigation bar doesn't show up, then 'Huston, YOU have a problem' (that's Bruce Willis in Armageddon, 'Huston WE have a problem' would have been Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 or was that 11? whatever ;-) ). Like I said if you are a Netscape user you already see only one pop up ad so just close this window and forget the whole thing. People using other browsers, do let me know what happened using the poll below. Thanks for helping us out. I appreciate your effort. Have a great day.

Did you get only ONE pop up window and were you able to see the navigation bar on the left and the banner on top of the page?

Yes, the page looked normal and I got only ONE pop up window
I could see the navigation bar and the banner but there were more than one pop up window
I coudn't see the navigation bar and/or couldn't see the banner on top but I got only one pop up window
I got some weird message asking me to confirm whether to save or open a file etc.

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